Friday, October 15, 2010

Lures, the VILLAINS

Time for the LIST OF SHAME! These are the lures that just plain and simply SUCK!Yo-Zuri Hydro Popper 120mm, 43g (small mouth version). I have to admit I did catch one fish with this lure (a nice sized GT - 12-15kg) but I think I just got really lucky that day. This lure is a pain in the arse to pop. It can make a good splash but the precision needed to get it right is far to high. If you dont pull quite hard enough, there is no splash and if you pull a tiny bit too much the lure cartwheels over the surface. My advice; dont buy this lure unless you are really patient and use light line and a purpose built light popping rod. Overall: Below Average
Storm Kickin Stick 12. The local tackle shop guy asked me to try this one out for him and tell him if it catches fish. I cockily told him I wont return until I have caught fish with it. Needless to say I haven't been back there since! I will go back soon but I wanted to make sure that I cant catch fish on it. Used it 4 times, no fish even looked at it that I saw. Overall: Dont bother with this one.
Rapala Skitterpop, about 120mm/30g. This has to be the worst lure that I own that swims properly. It makes a light splash when popped but the fish dont even look sideways at it. I think that sound that it makes (a metallic jangling sound) keeps the fish away but I can be sure. I wont waste my time with this one again. Overall: Pure Crap
Ocean Tackle International Komodo Popper. 130g/200mm ish. I bought a few of these lures because of the success that I had with the Wombat model. I am a bit pissed of at OTI, they used to supply their lures with Owner hooks and the lures themselves were US made. When these ones arrived they have some really shitty hooks and the packs dont say where they are made. Judging by the crappy finish and peeling paint, my guess is MADE IN CHINA. Fish have attacked this lure on 4 occasions but I am yet to get a hookup. This lure already looks beaten up but hasn't caught anything yet. Also it is very tiring to work this lure properly. Overall: Below Average
Mystery brand lure named Bull Dog. I bought this lure purely because of the colour. BEWARE this lure doesnt even swim properly. MADE IN CHINA rubbish! Overall: Absolute SHIT

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