Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lures, the HEROS.

These are the lures that work!
This one is a "chugger" style for Ocean Tackle International called Wombat. It is a wooden lure with reasonable quality hardware. Weight is 130g. Works well on GTs and Red Bass. It is tiring to work, I can only use it for an hour or so before I get too tired and have to change lures. Overall: Recommended (but go to the gym before you use it!)
This one is a Japanese made lure by Asaurus. 120g, made of resin. Really easy to use, making a great ripping sound when popped. As you can see, it has see a fair bit of action, Red Bass especially love this lure. Overall: Highly Recommended
Fisherman Long Pen (130g?). Another very effective lure for GT's. The action for this lure is to skim it across the surface at full speed, the GT's rise up and smash it! Another tiring lure to use and not terribly durable. Overall: Recommended but expensive
Yo-Zuri Surface Bull GT (120g I think). I was persuaded to use this lure by a local fishing guide who insisted that it works well. Personally I dont like the action very much as it doesn't make a very big splash. HOWEVER the fish seem to like it just fine with GTs, Blue Fin Trevally, Barracuda and Emperors being taken with this lure. Note the scratches on its nose from being taken into to coral and dragged back out! Overall: Good and Cheap, Recommended


  1. have you ever tried any lures made by carpenter(japan)

  2. I have used a few Carpenter lures and other good Japanese ones like Shell Shaping and Craftbait but I havent really used them enough to give them a review yet. I will work on then a bit more over the coming months. Thanks for checking out the blog!