Friday, October 15, 2010

Lures, other good ones

So last post I showed you a few lures that work well here. In this post I have a few more that also work well. Above is the Yo-Zuri Surface Bull GT again but this time in a "pink tiger" colour. 100g, 200mm. This model is slightly different from the previous post in that it has 3d eyes rather than stickers. I feel that it makes a difference when the fish are feeling picky. This lure needs to have its hooks upgraded, the original hooks are soft and will straighten if you hook a big fish and use a heavy drag. In this case i have used a Mustad 4/0 (i think). So far these hooks have been really good. This lure has caught some fish, most notably GTs and a large barracuda last weekend (see tooth marks near tail). Overall: Good and Cheap - buy one
This is a Duel Surface Bull 150, 70g, 150mm. The pictured lure is unused but its twin was used for the first time last weekend. On its 4th or 5th cast a large Red Bass swooped out of deep water and took it. What followed blew my mind as my 60lb line snapped under the strain of the bass attack. To be honest the line must have been weakened by a coral scratch or something on a previous cast. Anyway the bass seem to like it... Overall: Too soon to be sure but has promise
This is the secret (not anymore!!) weapon of the guys that I fish with. It is a Yo-Zuri Hydro popper, 120mm, 43g. If I was to take one lure only on a trip, this would be the one. It has a slightly wider mouth than normal poppers and makes a great splash and is easy to work. My preference is the blue colour but the other guys swear by this colour, and since I have lost just about every blue one that is in the country, I had to join them in using the green. This lure catches just about anything that I fish for; GT, Blue Finned Trevally, Emperors, Red Bass, Coral Trout... everything really. Great lure, shitty finish, most of the paint with be gone after a few fish. Overall: Highly Recommended - this lure is an absolute WEAPON!
ANOTHER Yo-Zuri (you can see what the local tackle shop stocks cant you?) Tobimaru, 130mm, 27g diving lure. This one is a bit of an enigma, I have used this lure for a total of five casts and lost three of them to fish that I couldnt stop on my 30lb outfit! It presents me with something of a problem in that the lure wont swim using heavier than 30lb line/ 50lb leader BUT whatever is eating them puts me under a rock or busts me off before I can do anything about it. As usual I suspect large Red Bass but I cant be sure, it could just as well be large Coral Trout or Coral Cod. Overall: Recommended
The final lure is something that I have been messing about with a little bit lately, spoons. Seems extremely retro to me (I havent used spoon since childhood) but it occurred to me that no one here really uses them, so I thought I would try them out. This lure is similar to the one above. I ordered on of these Williams Whitefish lures from Canada a few weeks ago and on the first cast after maybe two turns of the reel, I got smoked again! So I had to order another to see if it was a fluke or not!! 150mm, about 30g. Needless to say I am trying to upgrade my light tackle gear to maybe 50 or 60lb! It sounds retarded to call this lights tackle but even though we catch heaps of fish, it would still be cheaper to buy them at the market because of all the gear I lose! Overall: Too soon to tell but looks good.


  1. kastmasters work good too along reef edges

  2. Yeah I break out the Kastmasters occasionally and they often work well but I dont get much joy out of using them. They also seem to attract lots of small fish, which I have no real interest in.