Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 So far...

Its been a while since I posted a fishing report, why is that I hear you ask? The honest truth is that the internet service here in Palau is so poor that I just get pissed off trying to upload pictures and lost some interest in the blog due to that.
Anyway, as I am in Tokyo at the moment, i thought that I would give a brief report on the year so far.
Decent fish caught form the beach on 20lb line and 4000 size reel. 
The wife and her first GT again off the beach
One if my favourite eating fish, Long Nosed Emperor. Holding it as close to the camera as possible! Actual length 70cm

Hajisan with a nice shallow water coronation trout, caught on a Kastmaster of all bloody things!
Hajisan with a DONKEY of a barracuda - his record fish 140cm+

The weather has been crap for most of the year so quite a few trips have been aborted. I only fish for fun so if it blowing a gale, I generally give it a miss. We have had some good catches with the most memorable day being the day the Hajisan got his big barracuda (see pic above), the crew and I caught 35-40 good sized 45cm - 70cm sweetlip, the barracuda, several good sized trevally and a few other random species (green jobfish, pink snapper, tigerfish etc) all in the space of 3 hours.
Brian and Ben were crewing for me on another good day which saw Ben get his first GT (around 20lbs) and Brian bring in a horse of a Red Bass (69cm estimated 15-18lbs). Brian's bass is the new boat record and the biggest RB I have seen landed. It put up a huge fight and actually broke one set of split rings on Brian's lure only to get hooked by the other treble (that had hooks almost straightened). The colour of the fish had turned almost to olive green, making it look like a PNG black bass.
Other highlights include a 4 foot bull shark taken on the kayak and my first MahiMahi.

H&M Update

Well readers due to the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan our team was withdrawn from the H&M event. Conditions on the day were deplorable and few fish were caught but the same team as last time got the trophy! Planning is underway to thwart their efforts in the next event....