Friday, October 15, 2010

Lure Reviews

Surprisingly this lure hasn't worked out for me. Yo-Zuri Hydro Popper 90mm/about 25g. I say surprisingly because I have caught quite a few nice sized Blue Finned Trevally with the same lure in Redhead colour. This colour pattern (we call it watermelon) is generally my favourite but so far this lure is a big disappointment, proven by its age of over 6 months. Good lures dont grow old here! Overall: only for calm water, light line popping, below average.
Yo-Zuri Bull 150mm/70g in the new Sashimi changing colour scheme. The lure shape is sound, good to cast and easy to pop but in this colour scheme it is pretty useless. It has accounted for a good sized barracuda -12kg but all in all its not a great lure. I will save it for when I am fishing in really shallow water or when the Red Bass are thick, so I wont be to sad if I lose it. Overall: Give it a miss.
Duel Surface Slider 140f. 140mm/48g. This lure has been used on one trip and caught a few fish, the best being a 6kg BFT. I am generally impressed with this lure but it is a little to light to cast good distances. CHANGE OUT THE HOOKS is you are going to buy one, the standard ones are crap and cost me one good fish. Finish of the lure is typical Yo-Zuri/Duel standard ie. if its shiny the paint will come off easily. Overall: RECOMMENDED.
Fisherman Big Hard, about 200mm/150g. This is a difficult lure to work, it really needs a very stiff popping rod. I use a Tica Swells PE #6 rated popping rod but its not enough. Lure hasn't caught any fish and probably wont unless I get an even stiffer heavy rod, which I dont plan to. Overall: Expensive ($70 ish) and weak finish.

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