Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fishing Report Oct 21, 2010

Well there wasn't that much to talk about as far as the fishing goes today. I went shore based fishing again and caught a mixed bag of small Cubera/red bass, Coral Trout/Grouper, long nosed emperor (all between 20 and 45cm) and a barracuda of about 70cm. All the fish came on the one lure, a small 30g Sidewinder spoon.
The excitement happened when I was casting from water about mid thigh depth, using a Yo-Zuri 130mm popper when a shark about 1.5m long came from BEHIND me to try and attack my lure!! Holy SHIT!! I was shocked to say the least.
I wasn't afraid of getting eaten because it was a black tipped reef shark and they dont eat people BUT he was in a frenzy trying to eat my lure so I was afraid of getting bitten accidentally. After scrambling out of the water I took a few more casts and another 5 or 6 similar sized sharks had moved in prowling the reefy shallows for my lures. I decided to cast at them and have a bit of fun by trying to evade the predators with my lure (ie the exact opposite of normal fishing).
It was fun but I soon remembered that the tide was rising quickly and I had to wade through 2 chest deep bodies of water to get back to dry land. I took a few deep breaths and headed off. I didn't see the sharks at all on my walk back to the dock but I had learned that you cant see reef sharks in shallow coral bottomed water unless they move in a strange way, so not seeing them didn't exactly fill me with confidence...

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