Saturday, November 20, 2010

Orion Big Foot 140 - First Look

If there has been a lure maker that I had always wanted to try, it was Orion. These lures are hand made from some kind of molded resin in France. I had read many things about them, mostly positive and I was eager to try a lure of European origin, for something different.
Orion Big Foot 140
I had read that these lures "don't look like much" and are "agricultural looking" and at first glance I would have to agree. The paintwork is messy and has bubbles in it, the cutouts for the eyes have not been sanded and generally the lure appears to lack any true craftsmanship.
Eye detail showing the rough finish
Having said all of that, I was prepared for a lack of "beauty" and to be honest, I don't really care about such things too much if the lure catches fish and is durable (things that I have heard that these lures are).

Apart from the lack of attention to detail with the finish, the Big Foot looks promising with good quality eyes and heavy duty wiring and an interesting shape. It is quite narrow and tall with a slightly more pointed nose than tail. Due to a good reputation among serious GT fishermen I am keeping an open mind and am hoping to try this lure in the near future (tomorrow if the wind drops!). Definitely not a lure for the fussy "jewel" type lure collectors!

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