Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fishing Report, November 5, 2010

So with an informal "fishing derby" organized among a group of friends for Saturday, Friday seemed like a good opportunity to get out in the boat and scout out the competition area. Three boats would be involved (mine being one), the other two would be captained by Palauans with 20 years or more experience in the area. So I hoped to gain some insight with a "warm up" the day before.
I enlisted the help of one of my neighbors to crew for me and we were off. We tried some jigging and some topwater casting with varied success. The area that we fished was once an extremely productive area but it has been overfished in recent years. It still holds some nice fish and we have had some great days fishing there but recently it has been a bit quiet.
The catch wasn't bad but the fish were generally skittish. We landed nannygai, long nose emperor, blue fin trevally and barracuda. The best fish were caught by my crew member Dave with a Blue Fin Trevally of about 5kg and a barracuda of a similar size. We must have looked quite a sight, a pair of large, bald, bearded HAOLES on the high seas, add an eye patch and it would have looked like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean!!

Avast Landlubbers! A healthy looking BFT was taken as the weather turned dark

A good sized barracuda from a spot that I have never fished before

Catch of the Day: The above pictured Blue Finned Trevally
Best Lure: Williamson Jet Popper (blue)
Angler of the Day: Dave

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