Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heddon Super Magnum Zara Spook

Heddon Super Magnum Zara Spook in Blazin' Shore Minow
Action: Walk the Dog.
When to use: Calm water
Weight: 110g
Length: About 200mm
Cost: $20
Comment: Probably the craziest name in all of fishing! These lures look like cigars. They are well finished for the price (excluding the poor terminal tackle) with good looking paint. Designed as a bass lure, they aren't really designed for blue water use but I saw one and had to try it! Have caught a GT on it, so it does work but i think the sharks like it most of all. The action is really difficult with a heavy rod and it is also hard to use in rough water. I dont think that I would buy another one but I still take it out from time to time when I am up for a giggle.
Overall: Average Above Average
Update: This lure was used extensively during the H&M Trophy, yielding some interesting results. While only accounting for one small Red Bass, the lure attracted by far the most attention of the lures used in the boat. The down side was the very low hookup rate, which was disappointing but could have been down to bad luck.  
It attracted a strike from a large barracuda (15kg+), the fish jumped clear of the water for the strike! It was spectacular but the hooks didn't take. The second fish it attracted was even more spectacular, with a huge GT smashing it and taking it for 10 - 15m before dropping the lure. The conditions were very clear in the water and the fish could be seen charging at the lure. It was easily the biggest GT I have raised (or seen) in Palau and to be honest, I would have had no chance of stopping it in the shallow, rocky water. The fact remains that I saw it clearly, it was huge and it took the lure! More investigation is in order! My opinion of this lure is improving!
Damage sustained from one days fishing. The finish of the lure seems to be strong but it was the subject of some particularly heavy strikes.
It didn't occur to me when I bought this lure that the colour closely matches that of a Red Bass. In the past I had chosen colours similar to that of baitfish (ie blue, gree, silver etc) but I am seeing evidence that the bigger fish may be attracted to other colours - stay tuned!

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