Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fishing Report August

Despite the complete shit weather that has been hounding the islands for the last two months, your intrepid blogger hit the high seas last weekend in an attempt to find something to eat other than frozen chicken - blaah.

Well the weather was crap, big southwesterly winds and a northerly swell made for an uncomfortable ride out to the fishing spot, add to that the heavy overcast skies and constant showers and you get the picture.

On the positive side we had 4 enthusiastic fishermen ready to do battle!

Unfortunately the fishing was really hard work. We tried our best for about 5 hours and yielded a very humble catch of about 60 pounds of fish.

Young Ben with a solid Long Nosed Emperor, not sure what the "tough" face was about though!
All in all it was a difficult day but we enjoyed a decent catch of Blue Finned Trevally, Long Nosed Emperor, White Snapper, Grouper and Green Job Fish. Looking forward to some good weather and really getting into the fish! Till next time...

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  1. Nice emperor, we have had crap weather for two months also. I feel your pain and hunger.
    Tight lines